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The Intro 

In 2022, DRESS CODE SNEAKERS (DCS) became the prevailing mantra for summer across the Maltese Islands. Regardless of who you were or where you found yourself, Urban Jungle was setting a unique course for your footwear choices. The Malta summer party scene was the central focus and theme of the summer campaign, with the video commercial centred around the concept of ‘from work to the party’.

The Mission
Urban Jungle entrusted us with the role of Campaign Creative Direction and Management. The DCS campaign set forth with audacious objectives: breaking the taboos tied to sneaker fashion, challenging the stigma on females wearing sneakers, discovering new markets, and further stamping UJ’s position in the Maltese market. Our goals were audacious, but so was our vision.
The Moves
We brought our crew of creative thinkers together, joined forces with the visionary force of Urban Jungle, and let the creative energy flow. Out of that mix, we birthed some game-changing ideas that became the bedrock for our creative concept. That’s where we cooked up the Campaign Look, complete with an impactful word-mark, insights from mood boards and styles capes, and a storyboard that laid out the whole story for our killer video.
The Results
The result? A campaign that struck a powerful chord with the people of Malta, further increasing brand affinity. It extended its influence not only across social media but also took centre stage at prominent Summer Events as well as the renowned Isle Of MTV. In addition, it graced the cityscape with a prominent presence, adorning billboards and wrapping public transport buses with its magnetic visuals.

Let our clients do the talking…

Nero Whyte Malta
Nero Whyte Malta

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