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In the world of retail, Hudson Group is a global fashion force – with roots that go back to 1987 when the first pair of NIKE sneakers hit Maltese streets, this journey through time led to Hudson Holdings’ inception in 2006. This fashion juggernaut has extended its influence to the fashion capitals of Italy, the cultural epicentres of Spain, and the enchanting landscapes of Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria.

Brand Identity
Bringing us to the year 2023, Hudson Group introduces Hudson Max, a loyalty program that takes your shopping experience to new heights. Loyalty card holders receive exclusive perks at top stores NIKE, Urban Jungle, Urban Bratz, Intersport, Ted Baker, River Island, New Look, Hudson Store, Calvin Klein Jeans, Armani Exchange, Mango, Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy Jeans, and Crocs. Welcome to a shopping revolution with Hudson Max.

The Mission


Hudson sought our expertise to breathe fresh vitality into their loyalty program, envisioning a transformative visual identity. In Hudson, a cultural disruptor in its own right, we discovered the ideal partner for Nero Whyte’s ethos of defying the norm. We embarked on a creative journey, crafting a visual identity that seamlessly aligns with Hudson’s culture and resonates powerfully with their desired audience.
The Moves
Our visionary squad dove headfirst into the world of word-marks, logo-marks, typography, and colour palettes. The HUDSON MAX logo birthed from this creative crucible is a testament to the company’s essence and aspirations. Crafted from sleek, geometric elements, it stands as a paragon of modern design, an unmistakable emblem of distinction. The vibrant hues within the palette mirror Hudson’s boundless energy and forward-looking spirit, while the understated neutrals convey poignant messages in harmony with their brand. This journey yielded not one, but two unique logo-marks, coupled with a formidable Combination Mark.
Digital Design
App UI Design
In a short span following our collaboration on the HUDSON MAX brand visual identity, Hudson returned to us, this time entrusting us with the UI design for the forthcoming app launch. Needless to say, we were exhilarated to continue our remarkable journey with HUDSON MAX.
The Results
Shortly after launching, the HUDSON MAX app achieved #1 spot in Apple’s App Store Malta Ranking and retains a top ranking today.

Let our clients do the talking…

Nero Whyte Malta
Nero Whyte Malta

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