Monopoly Malta Edition

Product Launch Campaign

Creative Campaign

Marketing Strategy 

The Mission
Nero Whyte was thrilled to team up with Monopoly Malta on an exciting project. The mission? To launch the latest Monopoly Malta board game with a bang, by promoting it on META channels [Facebook & Instagram] and YouTube. Our team had to reach three primary audiences: tech-savvy parents of school-age kids in Malta, board game enthusiasts, and die-hard fans of the Monopoly brand. Even though Monopoly is already a legendary name, our goal was to generate excitement about the new localised version, raise brand and product awareness, engage a large audience, and drive in-store sales.
We went to work to develop a comprehensive strategy that included a cutting-edge digital plan, branding identity, and content pillars. We were motivated and excited to create a winning campaign.
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Let’s Get Rolling.. 🎲

The Moves
It all began the Nero Whyte way – with a game-changing strategy that kicked our creativity into overdrive and set us on the path to success. We recognised the importance of tailoring our content to resonate with each target group. Our visually striking content and messages spoke to tech-savvy parents, highlighting the benefits of board games in fostering interactive learning and quality family time. Board game enthusiasts relished the unique features of the Monopoly Malta Edition, relishing the opportunity to unleash their strategic prowess. Additionally, we intensified the excitement for devoted Monopoly fans with our innovative campaign, demonstrating how the Monopoly Malta Edition was an essential addition to their collection.
We pulled out all the stops and launched a bold advertising campaign on META channels and YouTube, where we knew our intended audience was hanging out. Our captivating visuals and compelling content instantly grabbed their attention, driving brand engagement online. The result? They loved it! Their engagement translated to increased clicks and impressive in-store sales. Side note, we also designed the Monopoly branded collateral for the awesome launch event at the famous Villa Arrigo, Malta.

Throughout the campaign, we maintained a sharp focus on our objectives, utilizing top-tier metrics and KPIs for real-time adjustments.

The Monopoly Malta campaign was a resounding success, exceeding goals and showcasing our team’s innovative approach.

Our digital strategy not only generated high anticipation for the Monopoly Malta Edition but also elevated brand awareness and drove exceptional in-store sales, emphasizing the importance of aligning strategies with audience needs for unparalleled success.

In a span of just 2 months: 

Campaign Durations: October – November 2022. 
Social Media Pages Engagement
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Let The Games Begin 🎩

Nero Whyte Malta
Nero Whyte Malta

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