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The Mission 🤿


Ready, set, go! In 2022, we teamed up with the official SeaDoo distributor in Malta, Premium Power Sport, to launch an exhilarating marketing campaign for the latest 2022 Sea-Doo units. And boy, was it a ride!

Accelerating Sales 🌊

The Moves 🌊
From the moment we hit the gas, Nero Whyte’s marketing activities were the key contributor to lead generation, resulting in a sea of brand-new Sea-Doo units being sold. Our team of experts revved up a top-of-the-line paid advertising strategy that reached potential customers on META and Google. Our campaign launched on August 11th, 2021 and ran until February 3rd, 2022. Nero Whyte’s team created attention grabbing content and graphics that captured the thrill and excitement of riding a Sea-Doo. And the results were absolutely buoyant. The leads generated from the campaign were received by our client’s expert sales team, who expertly converted quality leads into sales.
But our mission didn’t end with lead generation alone. We went full throttle to position Premium Power Sport as the top dogs of the SeaDoo game. With expert precision, we shifted customer perceptions away from competitors and onto Premium Power Sport. And the results speak for themselves – mission accomplished!
The Results ⚓️
The Conclusion In the end, Nero Whyte and Premium Power Sport rode the waves of success with this campaign. We didn’t just create ripples in the water, we created waves of satisfied customers and brand loyalty. 

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Total Results

Campaign Duration August 2021 – February 2022
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Nero Whyte Malta
Nero Whyte Malta

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