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Brand Jargon 101

Brand Jargon 101

Have you ever been on zoom call with branders who drop constant jargon bombs? Leaving you feeling like you’ve got a few gaps in your knowledge?

Firstly, it’s not necessarily your role to understand these terms, so don’t sweat it. In order to empower your next call, here are 7 terms we think are important for you to understand and help you dodge the incoming jargon bombs…



1. Brand Identity

The visual, verbal, and emotional attributes that distinguish a brand from others. This includes elements such as name, word mark, logo mark, colour palette, typography and tone of voice.

2. Brand Equity

The value a brand adds to a product or service beyond its functional benefits. Brand Equity is about the more intangible aspects such as audience perception, emotional connection and market strength.

3. Brand Positioning

How a brand wants to be seen and remembered by customers compared to other brands. Brand Positioning is about find a unique place in the customer’s mind, differentiating itself from the competition.

4. Brand Promise

The commitment a brand makes to its customers about what they can expect from its products or services.

FedEx: “When it Absolutely, Positively Has to Be There Overnight”

Volvo: “Safety”

IKEA: “Affordable Solutions for Better Living”

5. Brand Essence

A defining word or short-phrase which captures what the brand stands for. The heart and soul.

Disney: “Magic”

Apple: “Simplicity and Innovation”

Coca-Cola: “Happiness”

6. Brand Touchpoint

Any digital, physical and experiential interaction points where customers come into contact with a brand. A few examples of Brand Touchpoints are websites, social media channels, physical stores, customer service interactions, advertising (Print, Digital and OOH), virtual reality experiences and pop-up shops.

7. Brand Sync

The alignment and consistency of a brand’s messaging, visuals, and overall identity across all platforms and touch points.


So, we hope the above has shed some light and encourages you to step into your next brand related meeting with more confidence. At Nero Whyte, we’re all about having conversations with business owners looking to up their branding activities. If you’re ready to create a powerful brand strategy, we’d love to connect with you ⚡️

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